You made the decision to sell your home; it’s not always easy especially if you have lived in your home for many years. Chances are the process of selling has changed quite a bit since you purchased your home. Preparing and selling a home can be overwhelming if you’re not sure of the steps along the way.

What to Expect: Plan, Prepare, Sell, and Move in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Team Meeting – Contact your Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)/REALTOR for a consultation with you and your team (helpers, family, friends).
  2. Home Value – Find out what your home is worth. Your SRES/REALTOR will explain how the four factors: property, market, promotion, and price impact the sale of your home.
  3. Make a Plan/Take Action – With your team, make a plan and timeline that includes home preparation (downsizing, repairs, spruce up, staging, and home promotion activities). Do you know where you want to move? If not, you’ll work with your team to research housing options and find your new abode.
  4. List, Market, and Show – When step 3 is complete, your home is listed for sale, advertised, marketed, and showings begin.
  5. Receive Offer/Negotiate – Your SRES/REALTOR will present and discuss the offer(s) with you and will coordinate contract negotiations.
  6. Inspection/Appraisal – A certified home inspector conducts a home inspection. An appraiser will also evaluate the home for the buyer’s lender.
  7. Financing Approval – Once the buyer’s home loan is approved, the home sale is “clear to close” and an appointment for the closing is scheduled.
  8. Moving – Before the closing, you’ll want to ensure that all of your belongings are moved to your new home (or to storage).
  9. Walk Through/Closing – Buyers typically walk through the home just prior to closing. At closing, documents are signed to make the sale official.
  10. New Owners Move In – The new owners often take possession on the day of closing. All utilities should now be in the new owners’ names.

Assembling your team of helpers as soon as you have made the decision to sell your home is essential. Your realtor and team will provide support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Ann Zalek, REALTOR | Age 50+ Specialist
Seniors Real Estate Specialist | Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist
Your Family’s Realtor & Coach

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source references – Moving In The Right Direction, Bruce Nemovitz and John Tenza Flying Tigers Real Estate Mastery

Posted by:Ann Zalek - REALTOR

A keen listener, an inventive problem solver, and a connector of people and resources, Realtor and Transition Coach Ann Zalek helps older adults and their families navigate the moving process with professionalism, compassion, and integrity. Ann is a licensed realtor in Michigan and has earned certifications as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and as a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist. Ann also has 27+ years of experience as a business owner, communication/content marketing consultant, creative professional, and coach/trainer. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries and has worked in government, nonprofit and health-related sectors (e.g., serving rural health communities, seniors/caregivers, and individuals with disabilities).

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