Although there are many reasons why making a move makes logical, rational sense in many circumstances, there are many reasons why older adults hit roadblocks when considering the possibility. We all know that moving is NOT easy, but it is important to learn what older adults are thinking so we may better understand the thoughts and feelings of our family, friends, neighbors, and clients who are faced with a decision to leave their long-time home.

One of my seniors real estate specialist colleagues and author of Moving In The Right Direction, Bruce Nemovitz, conducted a survey of over 700 individuals ages 72-85.  In the survey, he asked what were the top reasons for considering a move.  Each respondent was able to answer freely, so here are their categorized responses.
Reasons for Considering a Move:
42% – Maintaining a Home
34% – Health issues
10% – Downsizing (too much house)
6% –  Loneliness
(8% – misc. reasons)



In my conversations with clients and in discussion at my workshops/presentations, I like to ask this same question to learn the motivation that drives one to consider moving.  Most times . . . almost in the next breath, after stating the reason to move, I feel it coming.  The pause and “BUT . . .” followed by an emotion-filled expression of their fear or many fears that are stopping them in their tracks.

What are the common FEARS? When survey respondents were asked what was the top fear keeping them from making a move, here’s what they had to say:

16979878_mlReasons Keeping You From Making a Move:
32% – Fear of Change
26% – Fear of Downsizing (e.g., packing and sorting)
24% – Emotional Fears (e.g., will miss home, is it the right decision, etc.)
4% – Financial Concerns
(14% stated a mix of misc. reasons)


Knowing what concerns someone and is preventing them from being proactive (if that is what they desire) is the key to helping them take the next step. As a realtor, coach, and speaker, this is my cue to unlock my treasure chest of resources and information that  provides some of the tools they need to knock fear’s power down a peg. The most important step is to slow down and really LISTEN!

Ann Zalek, REALTOR, SRES, CAPS | Age 50+ Specialist
Your Family’s Realtor & Coach
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Posted by:Ann Zalek - REALTOR

A keen listener, an inventive problem solver, and a connector of people and resources, Realtor and Transition Coach Ann Zalek helps older adults and their families navigate the moving process with professionalism, compassion, and integrity. Ann is a licensed realtor in Michigan and has earned certifications as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and as a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist. Ann also has 27+ years of experience as a business owner, communication/content marketing consultant, creative professional, and coach/trainer. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries and has worked in government, nonprofit and health-related sectors (e.g., serving rural health communities, seniors/caregivers, and individuals with disabilities).

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